Study of BBC Sherlock - fanart by Lasthielli

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Hey guys I know I haven’t posted in awhile but that’s because I’ve been working on this! I hope you love it! 
-Shelley Couvillion 2014

(the galaxy background is a texture that can be found here

Stepping into the Light, Rebekah Stanhope (16”x 20” acrylic on canvas)



There he stands by your side, even now, even through this, even when he is no longer yours.

Even through the pain, hurt, betrayal.

Absolution, so sweet. All the sins, all the mistakes, forgiven. You are acquitted. Vindicated. Accepted.

Despite? Yes. In spite of? Definitely.

And yet you wonder why:

He conducts light, while you coax in darkness
He is passion when you are apathy
He is order when you are chaos
He is reparation when you are destruction
He is constant when you are anything but

The man is forged from flame and sand and blood
While you are encased in frost and steel and poison

In his veins thrums the heat; in them courses fire - fueling a beating heart
While in yours cold pulsates; ice freezes them, trapping a heart until its existence is almost deniable

How can it exist, this bond that you have forged?

If he is fire and you ice, how can you possibly co-exist without destroying the other? (But you have once; both devastating the other in one way or another. But that is past, that is forgiven. Here you are.)

Is this it, then? Is this tenuous ground that you tread the equilibrium point? Is this where black meets white, ultimate absence and omnipresence twine together and somehow form gray?

If it is, then maintain this balance - for both your sakes.

Thermal equilibrium.

This is you. This is him.


This is gray.


I only own the art. BBC, ACD, Moffat and Gatiss own Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman own their faces.

/leaves fanart and semi-drabble here and goes to bed/ psst.. that shit’s also on dA

Hi I'm kinda new to this submitting thing. How does it work? Do we post up our artist names and descriptions? (I'm so sorry I'm just feeling a bit helpless really)

Hi anon, you can use the submit button or you can send me a link to your art on your website and I’ll reblog it. 

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The finished product (or as finished as it’s going to get).

All in all, around 8 hours work, as predicted. There are some things about it I really like, but as usual, some things I really don’t. But hey, it was fun and I’m glad the work in progress posts were enjoyable for some. I’ve put them all together in one post here.


Spending way too much time twiddling with a doodle on photoshop inspired by this post.

I don’t know what would possess Sherlock to make that face but there it is.